Total Illusions – The Forums -> Dangerous Hacker!

Total Illusions – The Forums -> Dangerous Hacker!

This is priceless. This link points to a English translation from a German IRC chat session. Some would be hacker claimed that he was kicked out and demanded the IP address of the chatroom moderator so he could attack the moderator’s PC. The moderator gives the future Darwin Award winner the address That address always points back to your PC. The transcript of the chat session has the hacker crowing about the files being deleted until his session abruptly ends.

RSS and Atom

This blog offers newsreader syndication using Atom. There’s a button labeled “ATOM MYBLOG” on this page that provides the contents in XML format using the Atom format. Why Atom and not RSS? Well, that’s what Blogger provides for blogs hosted on their server. If you are using a newsreader program or web site that subscribes to news feeds for you, the odds are that they will support both Atom and RSS.

Cliff Yablonski hates you

my name is Cliff Yablonski. I have never met you before, but I hate you
regardless. if I met you in public, I’d still hate you. I probably wouldn’t hate
you any more than how much I currently hate you, because I don’t think that
would be humanly possible. I would probably punch you in the face though. I hate
everybody and everything I find on the Internet. my site and the “Law and Order”
website are the only places worth visiting.

This site has not been updated in a long time but is very funny in a shallow way.

What’s wrong with large values of zero?

We are about to roll out an update to one of our applications and we made some schema changes to the database. A couple of floating point fields were changed to the money data type. And that’s when the fun began. QA reported the following error from one of the reports:

Arithmetic overflow error converting numeric to data type numeric.

After tracing through the stored procedure that drives the report, it boiled down to a COALESCE() function. When we used 0.00 as the 2nd parameter in COALESCE, it would throw that error under SQL Server 7. Oddly enough this only happens when the first parameter was not null.

The simple fix was to change 0.00 to 0 (no decimal point). Or use ISNULL() instead of COALESCE. This problem appears to be fixed in SQL Server 2000.

If you have access to SQL Server 7 (or MSDE 1) and you want to see this for yourself, try the following:

create table foo (id int, cur money null)

insert into foo(id, cur) values (1, null)
insert into foo(id, cur) values (2, 0.0)
insert into foo(id, cur) values (3, 4.567)

— These will work
select id, ISNULL(cur, 0.00) as c from foo
select id, coalesce(cur, 0) as c from foo

— This one will fail
select id, coalesce(cur, 0.00) as c from foo