DoubleListBox – NinthArray

I just starting playing with this and it’s pretty cool. This is a ASP.NET version of a dual list control, great for selecting a list of things from another list. It’s free, comes with source code, and it worked the first time I used it.

It does render a little funny in Opera 8, but it still works

DoubleListBox – NinthArray


“What’s a PodGuide?.
A PodGuide is a very simple thing. It’s the combination of a map (PDF) of a certain place and a series of audio tracks (mp3) which you can download for your iPod. Think of an audio tour in a museum, but not limited to just that. You could have a PodGuide about the 10 coolest pubs in London for example, or a PodGuide which shows you the most known historic buildings in Bruges.”

I would love to see this take off for other cities. Even if you don’t have an iPod, you could burn a CD of the audio files and listen to it while driving to your destination. Instead of listening to the never ending chorus of “Are we there yet?”, you can learn about the places you are visiting.
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A clickable map of SQL Server 2000 system tables

I like cool SQL Server toys and here’s something I saw posted on Roman Rehak’s blog, a .chm file of the SQL Server 2000 System tables. It’s a clickable map, divided up into logical sections. It’s all of the information provided in the BOL, just in a easy to use interface. Get it here.